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A Software Defined Network makes it easier for businesses to connect individual business locations to their internal network.

Increased bandwidth at a lower cost since the network traffic can be provisioned for optimal speeds and throttle low-priority applications.
Centralized management across branch networks through a simple management console, which reduces the need for manual configuration and on-site IT staff.
Full visibility into the network, as the controller gives operators a holistic view of the network.
Improved Operational Efficiency Application-aware routing enables traffic steering and brings in security benefits that lower overall WAN costs while improving the quality of performance.
Branch Multi Cloud Access Eliminate the backhaul penalties of traditional MPLS networks and leverage the Internet to provide secure, high-performance connections from the branch to cloud.



In-house data centers are expensive to operate, maintain and upgrade. If you need more space, more responsive systems, you’re on the hook for capital investment along with the IT staff to manage server stacks then for the companies that do not want to operate an on-premises data center or prefer to give up their existing data center, there is an alternative: co-location.

This is where Sona Network Services can help out. The service we provide is the ultimate physical space for your service, while you continue to control your hardware and concentrate on running your business.

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