Teams Direct Routing


Teams Direct Routing with Sona Networks

In simple terms, Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams enables external calling from Microsoft Teams users to place and receive calls directly from the platform. Direct Routing allows organizations to select a third-party service provider, like Sona to provide voice lines to their Office 365 Tenant, enabling them to use Microsoft Teams to make and receive calls.

Sona offers SBCs support of Direct Routing for individual enterprise Teams tenants, as well as for multi-tenancy scenarios (hosted service provider model) In both cases, Sona SBCs can be deployed as virtualized or cloud-native solutions in private (e.g. VMWare, KVM) or public clouds (e.g. Azure and AWS), or as on-premises appliances.
Cost Efficiency
Utilize your existing on-premises telephony equipment and phone lines, reducing the need for additional investments.

Choose the most cost-effective calling plans from different telephony providers, potentially reducing call costs.
Connect with any telephony provider, allowing you to choose one that best meets your needs in terms of cost, service quality, and features.

Customize call routing rules to meet specific business needs, such as routing calls to different regions or departments based on predefined criteria.
Control and Management
Maintain control over your telephony environment, including call routing, call quality monitoring, and troubleshooting.

Ensure compliance with local telephony regulations and security requirements by managing your telephony infrastructure.
Scalability and Reliability
Easily scale your telephony solution as your business grows, adding or removing lines and users as needed without significant changes to your infrastructure.

To ensure continuous service, achieve high availability and redundancy by using multiple SBCs or telephony providers.
Enhanced Features
Utilize advanced call handling features such as call queues, auto attendants, and call routing based on business hours or caller location.

Integrate voice calling with other Teams features, such as chat, meetings, and collaboration tools, providing a unified communication experience for users.
Global Reach
Connect with international telephony providers to enable local calling capabilities in different countries, supporting global operations.

Provide local phone numbers in various regions, enhancing your local presence and customer reach.

Why Sona Network?

Direct Routing enables companies to future proof their communications, helps to bolster productivity and ultimately save money in the long run.

Sona can set this up within minutes so you don’t have to and concentrate more in customer acquisition.

Lets you externally place phone calls within Teams
Makes external collaboration easy
Creates a single point of access
Centralises information
Purchase global numbers from local locations

HD quality callings which provides analytics and data

Improved Network Agility and Flexibility

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